Tesla Referral Code: 1000 Miles of Free Supercharging

If you’re planning to purchase or lease a new Tesla Model 3, S, X or Y, first of all, congratulations on your decision as they are great electric cars!

Tesla Referral Code Invite Link

If you’ve made up your mind on which model you’re getting, it’s important to place your order using a valid Tesla referral code available under the Tesla Referral Program.

Using the Tesla referral link, you get free supercharger miles to enjoy the Tesla charging network.

Follow this link (or the button below) to get the free supercharger miles applied to your purchase automatically.

(The available offers take a while to fetch so you might need to hold on whilst the Tesla website loads)

The referral offers have varied in the past and the latest referral reward offers free 1,000 miles (or 1500 kilometres).

The reward technically is 400 kWh of free energy.

For a vehicle like Model 3 that delivers better efficiency, you actually get a lot more than a 1000 miles; a few Model 3 owners have been able to get as much as ~1600 free miles (about 2500 kilometres).

Once you click through using the referral link, you’ll be presented with the available offers.

tesla referral code UK

The current Tesla referral discount is 1000 miles (or 1500 km) of free supercharging when you place an order for Model 3, S, X or Y.

Model Y is currently not open for orders in the UK so Model Y fans would need to wait.

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The same invite code can also be used to get $100 of credit if you are purchasing Tesla Solar in a country where Tesla is accepting orders.

If you want to know more about the Tesla referral program, read on as I explain it.

What is a Tesla Referral Code?

Tesla referral discount code offers both the buyer and referrer free credits to access the Tesla Supercharging network or credits towards your Tesla solar purchase.

The current offer gives free 1000 miles (or 1500 kilometres) on a vehicle purchase.

You can avail the free 1000 supercharger miles if you use Tesla referral code to place your Tesla order online. You can use the code “amandeep28662” if you are placing the order on the phone or in the store.

Technically the reward is 400kWh – for the efficiency that a Tesla Model 3 delivers, you could end up getting a lot more than a 1000 miles (~1500 miles).

If you are in the US, you can also use the same referral link to buy Tesla solar roof or solar panels that will earn you a $100 credit towards your solar purchase.

Tesla Referral code for Solar Panels and Solar Roof

Tesla Referral Program – how does it work?

What is the Tesla referral program and what benefits does it offer?

If you’ve been following Tesla and Elon Musk, you’d already know by now that Tesla – unlike conventional car manufacturers – doesn’t spend anything on marketing.

Tesla usually likes to do things differently – marketing and advertising is no exception.

Other automakers rely on conventional ways of advertising spending millions on online and print media.

Tesla relies on customer word-of-mouth promotion to sell their cars by issuing unique referral codes to it’s existing customers.

What does a Tesla referral code do?

With a Tesla referral code, any Tesla vehicle owner can share a unique invite link with prospective Tesla buyers.

If you purchase or lease a Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X or Model Y using the unique referral link, both the referrer and the buyer get rewarded with free Tesla supercharger credits.

That’s what this whole Tesla Referral program is – organic word-of-mouth marketing.

Look at this post you’re reading now:

Tesla didn’t pay me to write this post – they didn’t even ask me to. Instead, they gave me an invite code to promote using which the new buyer will get 1000 miles (or 1500 kilometres) of free supercharging.

That’s what you get if you placed your order today using my link.

What’s in it for me?

I’d get the same 1000 free supercharging miles if you placed your Tesla order using my link. Plus, a chance to be in a lucky draw to win cool goodies which – with (a lot of) luck – could be a vehicle.

And, a lot of happiness in doing my bit in helping your transition to sustainable clean energy.

What does Tesla get?

A sale.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Although, let’s agree Tesla would make the most money of the three parties involved. 😛

You get the point.

Buying through my referral link doesn’t cost you anything extra BUT buying without an invite code, you are going to lose those free miles.

Here’s the link again: https://ts.la/amandeep28662

If you order over the phone or in a Tesla store, use the below invite code.

Tesla referral code: amandeep28662

How to use Tesla Referral Code Link?

Step #1. Use this link to go to Tesla website. The order process is completely online.

Step #2. Pick the Model you want to buy and click on the “Custom Order” button. You can also choose to benefit from the referral program for order from “Existing Inventory.”

Tesla referral code: UK perks

Step #3. You should see the below message on the next screen confirming the free miles. Click “Design Now.”

Free Supercharger Miles using referral code.

Where to enter Tesla Referral Code on the website?

You don’t need to add it explicitly – once you see the above message, you can continue with your purchase as normal. The referral credits will be applied automatically.

Step #4. Design your Tesla as you like and pay the deposit to place your order.

Tesla Model 3 Order Confirmation UK

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a brand new Tesla.

Can you add Tesla Referral Code after order?

As per the guidelines given on the Tesla Referral program, Tesla mentions the code cannot be added after placing the order but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.


People have had success in the past with Tesla adding the referral code after order. 😇

If you already ordered the Tesla and forgot to use the tesla referral code (or didn’t know anyone who could give you their Tesla referral link), you can try contacting the Tesla Customer Service and give them the referral code over the phone or via email to get your free SuperCharger Miles.

You can use my referral code: “amandeep28662” 🎉

Leasing your car?

Even if you are ordering via a corporate scheme or as a lease, you should still be able to benefit from the referral programme and receive 1,000 free supercharger miles. Please consider using my referral code which is:

How to get your own Tesla Referral Code?

Once you own a Tesla vehicle, or you have placed an order, you’re eligible for the Tesla referral program and can start referring new Tesla sales for their cars and solar energy.

You can get your unique invite code in two ways:

  1. Tesla Online Account: Log in to your online Tesla account. Head to the section “Tesla referral program” and you will see your unique referral link there.
  2. Tesla Mobile App: Download the Tesla app and login with your Tesla account. Look for the small “treasure chest” icon in the top right corner – Tesla calls it the Loot Box. From here, you can share your referral link using email, messages, social media etc. You can even copy your invite link from here and share it using your preferred method.

What is a Tesla supercharger?

Tesla supercharger is the fastest and the most convenient ways to charge your car when on a road trip. They provide high speed, high power DC (Direct Current) charging while on the move.

Located along major motorways services in the UK, Tesla supercharger can charge most Teslas from 0-80% in about 25 minutes. These charing times keep getting better with time – the latest V3 superchargers can achieve charging speeds of 1000 mi/hr.

The charging speed though depends on a number of factors: what Tesla model do you own, maximum current available at the Supercharger itself and if there are any other vehicles charging at the same time.

The charging speed drops as your battery approaches 100% to maintain battery health, so it’s always better to charge to only 80% or 90% to minimize charging times.

If you are taking a long trip, simply put in your destination in the built-in Tesla navigation and it will plot your trip through ideal supercharging locations where the system detects you’ll need a top-up.

We took a 600 mile trip to the Lake District earlier this year and charged at Supercharger locations for free.

I’ll be honest though – range anxiety is a thing especially in the early days when you switch from a fossil-burning car to all-electric.

It takes a bit of getting used to how it all works, your car, the efficiency it can deliver and the whole Tesla system really. As days and miles pass by, you’ll start loving the whole experience. I don’t have that much of range anxiety anymore!

There are 17,467 superchargers at 1,971 locations around the world at the time of writing this (August 2020) – there are 500+ superchargers in the UK. There are still a few black spots that Tesla is working to fill.

You are free to use other rapid chargers like Ionity but using a Tesla supercharger adds to the whole Tesla experience.

How much is Tesla Supercharging cost in the UK?

There are two methods how Tesla charges for the use of superchargers – per kWh or per minute. In the UK (and Europe), you are billed per kWh (kilowatt-hour) which is a fairer method.

The cost of using the Tesla supercharger network in the UK is £0.24 per kWh.

Wrapping Up

If you found this post useful and you have decided to place an order using my link, I thank you for using my Tesla Referral Code.

Let me know if you need any help in placing the order or if you have any queries.

Over the course of close to the last two years, I have had the Tesla Model S and X for a few months (loan cars) and my own Tesla Model 3 so can assist you with any queries you have.

If you know a friend, a family member or anyone you know who owns a Tesla and played a role in influencing you to buy a Tesla, do make sure to reach out to them asking for their referral code.

If you are an existing owner, share it with your friends who are planning to transition to clean energy to get free supercharging miles for the both of you.

Need a valid Referral Code for Tesla?

If you don’t know any Tesla owner and are looking for a referral link to get the free supercharging bonus, don’t worry!

Feel free to click on this link to use mine so we can both benefit from the referral reward (free supercharging bonus with purchase or lease of a Tesla vehicle).

Current Active Tesla Referral Link: amandeep28662

Tesla referral code: US perks

Which Tesla model did you decide on – Model 3, Model S, Model X or Model Y?

Which variant did you go for – Standard range, Long Range or Performance?

And why?

Drop me a line in the comments section below.

All the best!

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