TeslaStir is your ultimate blog focused on EVerything Tesla.

We aim to help new owners by providing guides, tutorials, and tips to make the most of your Tesla vehicles.

TeslaStir was founded in 2020 with the goal of helping new Tesla owners and enthusiasts after I became an early adopter of the Model 3 Long Range in the UK (Aug 2019) and found very little information about RHD (right-hand drive) Teslas for the UK.

After my experience, I wanted to share tips and tricks with other UK drivers who were in need of information about your new cars.

Our mission is to help people make the most out of their Tesla vehicle by providing detailed tutorials, guides and tips on everything tesla on our blog.

Here’s what you’ll find on TeslaStir:

  • EVerything you need to know about your Tesla
  • Detailed guides and tutorials
  • Tips and tricks for new owners from an early adopter of the Model 3 in the UK
  • New guides and tutorials every week

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