Does Tesla Model Y Have a Sunroof?

does tesla model y have sunroof

Model Y is the latest addition to the Tesla lineup. It is an all-electric crossover SUV that was unveiled in March 2019 and deliveries started in the US a year later. In the UK, deliveries started in early 2022.

Because the Model Y is new, there are many questions that potential buyers have about the car. One common question is, “Does Tesla Model Y have a sunroof?”

The answer is no, the Tesla Model Y does not have a (retractable) sunroof. However, it has a fixed panoramic glass roof that spans the entire car length and gives you a panoramic view of the sky. The glass roof is a standard feature on all Model Ys and is made with tempered safety glass that's tinted and polarised for ultraviolet and infrared protection.

This post is your guide to everything you need to know about the Model Y glass sunroof.

Does Tesla Model Y Have a Sunroof?

No, the Model Y doesn't have an opening sunroof. Instead, it has a fixed panoramic glass roof offering an unobstructed view of the sky with some extra headroom compared to a retractable and functioning sunroof.

How Does Tesla Model Y Sunroof Compare to the Model 3 Sunroof?

The Model Y glass roof is slightly larger than the Model 3 glass roof because the Model Y doesn't have the metal joint in the middle like the Model 3.

Model Y has a single glass sheet compared to Model 3 which has two separate pieces when seen from the inside. But from the outside, it's hard to tell any difference.

Does Tesla Model Y Sunroof Open?

No, the Model Y glass roof is fixed and cannot be opened. However, all Model Y cars come with a panoramic glass roof that extends over both rows of seats, providing an expansive view and plenty of natural light. Same as the Model 3.

Has the Tesla Model Y Ever Had an Opening Sunroof?

No, Tesla Model Y has never had a retractable sunroof. It's always had a fixed glass roof that cannot be opened. Model Y takes its design cues from the Model 3, which also doesn't have a sunroof.

Why the Tesla Model Y Doesn't Have a Sunroof?

This may be disappointing to some, but there are several reasons why Tesla decided not to include a sunroof on the Model Y.

  • Weight: Adding a sunroof means adding weight and losing headroom in the car. For an electric car, more weight also means reduced range due to the extra power needed to move the car.
  • Production Constraints: Removing the panoramic, functioning sunroof from Tesla cars may have been due to production constraints. Tesla has had difficulty ramping up production of the Model 3, and adding a sunroof would likely have added to the delays.
  • Costs: A sunroof is a premium feature that would have likely increased the cost of the Model Y, making it less competitive in its price range.

Can You See Through the Model Y Sunroof?

Yes, you can see through the Tesla Model Y glass roofs, just like the Model 3 fixed glass roof.

Do All Teslas Have a Panoramic Sunroof?

None of the current Tesla models has a retractable sunroof (including the Model S, X, 3 or Y) anymore.

The older Model S versions from 2012 to 2018 had a functioning and a sliding retractable sunroof that you could open.

The Tesla Model 3, Model Y and Model X all have had a fixed glass roof from day one.

Tesla Model Y Sunroof: A Brief History

Tesla did a retractable and functioning sunroof on its Model S until 2018 and called it the Panoramic Sunroof.

So when the Model 3 was announced, people expected it would have one too. Unfortunately, it didn't. And because Model Y takes some major design cues from Model 3, it also doesn't have a sunroof.

It may seem like a downside, but there are some advantages to having a solid roof, like improved safety and reduced noise. Plus, the all-glass roof gives passengers in the Model Y an expansive view of the sky.

Is Tesla Model Y Aftermarket Sunroof an Option?

No aftermarket sunroof option is available for the Model Y.

If you're looking for a Tesla with a retractable sunroof, here are your only options:

  • buy a used Model S from 2012 to 2018, or
  • buy a used original Roadster (2008-2012).
  • Or, wait for the new Tesla Roadster (expected in 2023) that comes with a removable Glass Roof you can store in the trunk for an open-air, convertible driving experience.

Tesla Model Y Sunroof: FAQs

Final Thoughts

There you go!

Now you know everything about the Tesla Model Y sunroof and the Tesla glass roofs in general.

To summarise, the Model Y doesn't have a retractable sunroof. It has a fixed all-glass roof with beautiful panoramic views but no open-air option.

While no panoramic sunroof option is available, the trade-off is a sleek glass roof that gives the car an airy feel.

Should the lack of a sunroof should dissuade you from buying the Model Y? I don't think so. Model Y is an impressive car with a massive glass roof that looks futuristic, with excellent range and performance.

Do you have any questions about the sunroof on the Model Y or any of the Tesla vehicles? Drop me a comment below.

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