Does Tesla Have a Check Engine Light?

does tesla have a check engine light

There is a lot of speculation on the internet about whether or not Tesla has a check engine light. Some people say that it does, and others say that it doesn't.

So, what's the truth? I did some research to find out.

Does Tesla have a check engine light? No, Tesla doesn't have an engine and therefore doesn't have a check engine light. Instead, they have electric motors and a large battery pack. Even though Tesla doesn't have a check engine light, they do have other ways of letting you know if something is wrong with your car. For example, the touch screen will display an error message if there is a problem.

This post will clear all your queries about the Tesla check engine light. I have also covered how warnings show in a Tesla instead.

What is a Check Engine Light?

A check engine light is a warning that something is wrong with your car's engine or emissions system. It can indicate a problem with the catalytic converter, spark plugs, oxygen sensor, or other parts of the system.

When the light comes on, your car's computer has detected a problem and is trying to tell you about it. The light may be yellow or red, depending on the severity of the problem.

What Does a Check Engine Light Look Like?

A check engine light usually looks like this:

check engine light

Do Electric Cars Have Check Engine Lights?

Electric cars are a bit different from your typical gasoline-powered car. For one, they don't have an engine in the traditional sense. And because of that, you might wonder whether or not electric cars have a check engine light.

The answer is no, electric cars do not have a check engine light. Now, this doesn't mean electric cars don't have alternate ways to alert you as the driver of potential issues.

For example, the Tesla range of EVs will display warning messages on the touchscreen if there's something wrong with the car.

Some electric cars also have a phone app that can be used to check the car's status and receive alerts if there are any problems.

So, even though electric cars don't have the industry-recognized check engine light, there are still ways for you to be made aware of potential car issues.

Does Tesla Have a Check Engine Light?

No, all Tesla models are all-electric cars and don't have a check engine light that shows on display. Teslas don't need it because they don't have engines.

Teslas have electric motors. Electric motors don't need oil changes or tune-ups like engines do. That's one of the benefits of driving an electric car.

While most traditional (ICE) cars have a check engine light that illuminates when something is wrong with the vehicle, Tesla vehicles do not need a check engine light. Instead, Tesla uses an onboard diagnostics system to constantly monitor the car's health and alert the driver if there are any issues.

This system is based on sensors that track data points such as vehicle speed, battery charge level, and tire pressure. If the system detects an issue, it will alert the driver through the car's touchscreen display.

These Warning Alerts or Indicator Lights are the check engine light equivalents on a Tesla that illuminate to alert you of a specific status or condition.

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Tesla Warning Alerts and Indicator Lights

Alerts and Indicator Lights are different from Check Engine Light, but they serve the same purpose – to notify the driver of a potential issue with the vehicle.

The main difference is that a Tesla alert will not turn on until there is an actual problem with the car, whereas a Check Engine Light can come on for various reasons – some of which may not be serious.

Wrapping Up

So, does Tesla have a check engine light? The answer is no, Teslas don't have a physical check engine light, but they do have digital Warning Alerts and Indicator Lights that serve the same purpose of highlighting a specific issue on the touchscreen.

If you see one indicator light come on, take your car to a Tesla Service Center to get it checked out.

Do you have any questions about check engine lights on Tesla or electric cars in general?

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