Can You Copy Tesla Spotify Account Across Cars: Detailed Guide

can you copy tesla spotify premium account across cars

Tesla Premium Connectivity subscription comes with the ability to stream in-car music and video content from an approved media source. This includes the ability to stream music and podcasts from the included Spotify Premium account.

Now, you might be wondering whether it's possible to copy your Tesla Spotify account across cars. Is there a way to copy your Tesla Account Spotify playlist from one car to another?

It's a valid question, considering both the convenience and the charm of having your favourite tunes synced across all your devices including Tesla vehicles.

You've got all your favourites curated over the years and now want to copy your data to another device or a Tesla vehicle.

So can you copy Tesla Spotify Account data to another car? The simple answer is No, you cannot copy a Tesla account Spotify to another Tesla or any other device outside of the car. Each Tesla vehicle has its own unique Spotify premium account associated with it provided by Tesla, which cannot be transferred or copied to a different Tesla.

That said, if you have a personal Spotify account subscription, you can log in with your Spotify credentials on your Tesla in which case it isn’t Tesla backing up your data; it’s Spotify. And you're directly accessing your own Spotify account.

You can then listen to your favourite songs and playlists on any Tesla vehicle, providing a sense of seamless integration and personalisation when it comes to your music streaming experience across cars. Or you can stream audio over Bluetooth or AUX from your smartphone.

Keep reading as I explore all your options in detail.

Can You Copy Tesla Account Spotify Across Cars?

No, you cannot copy your Tesla Spotify account across cars. Each Tesla vehicle comes with its own Spotify account provided by Tesla and is meant for exclusive in-car use, and cannot be shared or copied between different vehicles or used on other devices like your phone or computer.

If you own multiple Tesla vehicles or have changed cars and want to bring over your Spotify profile and playlists, you can't do that with the onboard Spotify account that comes with your Tesla Premium Connectivity subscription.

Now, you might think what about the recently released Tesla sync-to-cloud feature?

The Tesla account sync to cloud feature only synchronises driver profiles and associated settings between cars. It does not transfer your Spotify data and media preferences to another Tesla as part of the cloud profile backup.

However, there's a workaround for this.

You can buy a subscription to the Spotify Premium Plan and enjoy your personal Spotify experience across all your devices.

With a Spotify subscription, you can log in with your credentials on any device that you want to access Spotify (inc. Teslas), allowing you to access your playlists and preferences seamlessly. To do this, simply enter your Spotify login information and all your devices will then be in sync.

But you need to keep in mind that you cannot move your existing Spotify data from your Tesla account to your personal Spotify account. There's no way to do that – yet!

How to Access Spotify Account Across Tesla Cars?

As I've already mentioned, unfortunately, the Premium Spotify account provided by Tesla is limited for use within the car only, and cannot be accessed on any other devices. Therefore, investing in a Spotify Premium subscription may be the best way to share your Spotify data across different Tesla vehicles.

With a Premium plan, you have the flexibility of logging into your respective account as you switch between vehicles. This lets you view your playlists, song likes, and suggested content on different Tesla cars and mobile/web devices.

How to Link Your Spotify Account to Tesla?

To link your personal Spotify account to your Tesla, go to Spotify and log in using your Spotify credentials. Upon successful connection, you can access the existing music library/playlists that you created on Spotify Premium using your phone/computer and play music in your Tesla.

You can repeat this process with each of your Tesla cars to access your personal Spotify account across all your vehicles.

Benefits of Spotify Premium in Tesla Cars

With a personal Spotify Premium account, you can enjoy seamless integration in your Tesla car. This integration enables you to log in and easily stream your playlists, podcasts and more.

Moreover, Spotify Premium offers ad-free listening, offline playback, and higher sound quality, which greatly enhances your music experience while driving.

Spotify Family Plan

A Spotify Family Plan allows up to 6 family members to enjoy their own individual Spotify Premium accounts for a single, discounted price. This is an excellent feature for Tesla owners with multiple drivers in the household because each driver can access their own Spotify account on the car's media player.

As you switch between driver profiles, the Spotify login is also switched over to another family member's account details. This enables every listener to access their unique playlists, podcasts, and preferences.

This can greatly enhance the music experience for Tesla drivers and their family members. Not only does this offer a personalised listening experience, but it also allows for more convenience and easier access to your favourite content while driving your Tesla vehicle.

Syncing Playlists Across Devices

Once you've logged into your Spotify account in the Tesla, you will see the playlists you created in the Spotify app or website.

You can now browse your music library and play music directly in your Tesla. This allows you to seamlessly access your playlists, content, music, and podcasts.

For automatic playlist syncing, ensure that your devices are using the same Spotify account.

Using Spotify Without Tesla Premium Connectivity

Let's say you use Spotify Free/Premium on your phone but are not subscribed to Tesla Premium Connectivity. Without it, you cannot stream in-car video or audio using the car's internet service.

To overcome this limitation, you can use your mobile phone to connect to the car's audio system using Bluetooth/AUX connection and stream Spotify, as usual, using your phone's internet.

This way, you can still enjoy your playlists, podcasts, and suggested songs while driving even without subscribing to Tesla premium connectivity.

Alternatively, if you have a Premium Connectivity subscription with Tesla, you can use it to stream audio/video content in your car over the internet while also accessing all the features of Spotify Premium. By doing this, you don't have to worry about using your phone's internet or draining its battery.

However, as we've established by now, in this case, the Spotify data (favourites, playlists, etc.) will be restricted to the Tesla vehicle it's in.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! I have covered everything you need to know about copying Tesla account Spotify premium account data across to other devices.

While there is no way to access the Tesla Spotify premium data outside of the car, you can use workarounds like using a personal Spotify premium account or streaming audio over Bluetooth/AUX connection from your phone to access Spotify data across devices including different Tesla cars.

Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!


No, there is no way to access the Tesla Premium Spotify account data outside of the car on another device.

No, there is no way to export the Tesla Premium Spotify account data out of the car that it's linked to. Your only options are to buy a personal Spotify Premium account subscription and log in using that on all devices you want to be synced. Or, you may use Bluetooth to stream audio from your phone.

You can copy your Tesla Spotify account across cars by logging into your own Spotify Premium account in each car. The Spotify account is linked to each driver profile so that when you switch between driver profiles, the Spotify login is also switched over. This ensures that each listener can access their unique playlists, podcasts, and preferences.

Yes, you can access your music library from your Tesla vehicle by logging into your personal Spotify account in the car. Once logged in, you will be able to browse and play any of your songs directly from the car's interface.

Is there a way to copy your Tesla Account Spotify playlist from one car to another?

Tesla account sync to cloud feature syncs Driver profiles and related settings between cars however, it doesn’t copy over your Spotify data and media preferences to another Tesla; that’s not included in the cloud profile backup.

So can you copy Tesla Spotify Account data to another car? No, you cannot. You can do that only if you use a personal Spotify account in which case it isn’t Tesla backing it up; it’s Spotify.

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